The Importance of Omega 3’s

Foods With high omega 3's in the shape of a heart. Includes various nuts and seeds, salmon, avocados and olive oil.

Protection from stroke and heart attack is another one of the omega-3 benefits. As ‘bad’ fatty acids are eaten, plaque builds up on arterial walls and eventually breaks loose. This causes blood clots. Clots in the brain can result in a stroke, while clots in the arteries around the heart can lead to a heart attack. Research has shown that fish oil fatty acids are able to break up clots prior to causing any damage. It is therefore important to increase your intake of good fatty acids like omega-3, and limit your intake of harmful chemicals like trans-fats.

Omega-3 benefits

Other noteworthy problems that omega-3 combats:
· Type 2 diabetes
· Depression
· Fatigue
· Joint pain
· Brittle hair and nails
· Hypertension
· Rheumatoid arthritis
· Bipolar disorder
· Migraine
· Eczema
· Obesity
· High blood pressure

Taking in more Omega-3 fatty acids will only result in a longer, healthier life. With so many omega-3 benefits, it is essential that you look for products in the supermarket that are fortified with this essential nutrient.

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