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Pre-Workout Fuel

Author: Ross Colomba MAT, CSCS, CK fuel your workout If you are generally looking to fuel your workout (ex. 60 min. class or 90 min. mixture of weights and moderate cardiovascular activity) it is important to ingest a balance of carbohydrates and protein approximately 60-90 min. before your workout. The types of carbs you should […]

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The Importance of Vitamin D

Author: Rosario Colomba MAT, CSCS, CK Now that we are about to experience the dog days of summer, one benefit would be getting your daily dose of Vitamin D. To receive your daily dosage, it is recommended that you spend anywhere between 5-10 min. outside getting exposure to the skin on your face, arms, back, or legs […]

Super Healthy “Superbowl” Meals

Lookin’ for a “SUPER” healthy Superbowl meal Avoid the ridicule of eating baby carrots & celery sticks while watching the big game and try these low carb & guilt free receipe’s that I came across. GUACAMOLE – 174 calories in ¾ cup: Mix – 2 ripe avocados (mashed), 1/2 red onion (chopped), 1 medium roma […]

Foods With high omega 3's in the shape of a heart. Includes various nuts and seeds, salmon, avocados and olive oil.

The Importance of Omega 3’s

Protection from stroke and heart attack is another one of the omega-3 benefits. As ‘bad’ fatty acids are eaten, plaque builds up on arterial walls and eventually breaks loose. This causes blood clots. Clots in the brain can result in a stroke, while clots in the arteries around the heart can lead to a heart […]

Kick start your workouts!

Author: Rosario Colomba MAT, CSCS, CK – Xanadu Health Club Finding time to exercise can be difficult. Therefore it is important that we choose exercises that burn plenty of calories in a short amount of time. Follow the examples below if you need a boost. Interval Training – Interval training is extremely time-efficient. Calories are burnt […]

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Why Men Should Do Pilates

Author: Nicole Nichols ( Pilates Instructor ) Why Pilates Works Well for Men It’s no secret that I love Pilates. It’s one of my favorite workouts for a number of reasons. It has helped me develop greater core strength, increase my flexibility, manage my chronic back pain, improve my posture, and relieve stress. I truly […]

How to Stick to Your Fitness and Nutrition Goals

Author: Rosario Colomba MAT, CSCS, Personal training Manager – Xanadu Health Club Stick to your New Years Resolutions Sticking to New Years Resolutions is usually the biggest obstacle people face. You manage to stay pretty disciplined for about a month and then life slowly takes over. Before you know it, you are already looking forward […]