The same care you
get with a personal trainer
but in a team atmosphere!

FYREstudio is a high intensity team building bootcamp that focuses on
both strength and cardiovascular conditioning.Our strength days are designed
to promote increased muscle mass by focusing on targeted muscles groups
and counting reps not time.Cardio days are all about intervals,
they will shed that unwanted fat and increase your cardiovascular endurance.
FYREstudio offers Myzone technology that will allow you to better track your
workouts in and outside of the studio. Our team of experienced coaches are here
to get you to your goals. Let’s bring bootcamp to a new level!





$25.00 class pass purchase at the front desk


Four exercises for eight minute rounds will have you seeing and feeling “Red”. All your focus will be on muscle contracting. Building muscle is the main objective today.


Cue the sirens because this drop set workout is going to have your heart racing. A combination of body weight plyometrics and heavy weights will have your muscles burning.


Three Sets of Four exercises, First round 30 seconds, Second round 35 seconds, Third round 40 seconds. Finishing the workout with all 12 exercises for 45 seconds will set your muscles on FYRE.


These 12 stations will have your muscles burning and your heart racing. Over the course of 45 minutes you will be sweating and shedding those unwanted inches.


Brace yourself, the burn is all to real during this cardio session. Timing and interval changes on each lap will keep your body guessing.


3 bases; 4 stations and 3 laps. This drop set inspired cardio day will leave your muscles  fatigued and your heart pumping.


Four exercises for three sets, first round is 30 seconds and second round is 40 seconds. After a quick water break we repeat the same exercises making your muscles meet their match.


A combination of weights, cardio and plyometrics that is bound to set your muscles on fyre. During this high intensity strength day you will be sculpting and building lean muscle.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Please be respectful to ALL Instructors and participants of the class.
  2. Please wear CLEAN gym shoes.
  3. Be on time
  4. Make sure cell phones are OFF or set on SILENT
  5. Advise instructor if you have any injuries or are new to the workout, so modifications can be made.
  6. Use Gym Wipes to clean your mat/equipment.
  7. Please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne.
  8. If leaving early, please advise instructor prior to class.
  9. Please place equipment back in original racks/ location.
  10. Gym bags, coats, purses, etc. are to be kept in a locker located in the change room
  11. HAVE FUN!!!