A year ago, I made a personal decision to embark on a weight loss journey to better my health and well-being.  After six months of healthy eating and exercise, I dropped 20 lbs on my own, but there came a point in my routine where I plateaued for a few months and felt discouraged. I decided to take a chance with a personal trainer to jump start things and that is when I met Jen! She has been nothing short of AMAZING! She makes each workout challenging, creative, and most importantly, fun! I needed someone to push me past my physical limits and Jen doesn’t disappoint. She keeps my body guessing all the time. She’s a gem to be around, always friendly, thoughtful, and encouraging. Jen will guide and push you to reach your goals and set a foundation for a healthier lifestyle. She has not only helped me physically but also mentally to learn how to love my body again.